Medium Sized Sub Contractor  (60 workers)

The business had been running for several years with a fairly steep growth curve. In the early days the proprietor would work on projects during the day and do the paperwork at night. Like most new businesses. As the business grew, and the focus on compliance increased, it became harder to manage all of the documentation. An administrator was employed to manage this process and built a number of spreadsheets and created specific folders on their PC to store photocopies of tickets, cards, induction certificates, First Aid etc.

As the business continued to grow and workers were deployed to multiple sites, the complexity increased. It was becoming difficult to manage the increased flow of documents.

As some workers had been with the business for many years, tickets, certificates, and other documents were expiring. And because all documents were stored in folders on one PC, there was limited visibility and no ability to search these documents for meaningful actionable intelligence.

SmartWorker.Cloud enabled the business to have all data searchable, and available in seconds on any web-enabled device including smartphones, tablets and PC’s.

SmartWorker.Cloud has revolutionised the way the business manages the onboarding of new workers and the maintenance of existing workers with a big reduction in effort by the administration team.


A game-changing feature, unique to SmartWorker.Cloud, is the ability to upload worker records into the head contractor systems with a single button click.

This is a major time saving feature that eliminates extra workload
and minimised user error.



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