Who is Smartworker.cloud

It is the creation of an industry safety veteran and a development team with the aim of eliminating costly induction administration work created by up to 10 separate mandatory compliance agreements.


Who is Smartworker.cloud aimed at?

Smartworker.cloud is designed for You. The sub-contractor with personnel operating on Civil and Rail and commercial construction sites. Any project where all the mandatory items such as, White card, medical results, inductions, training attendances, high risk licences, and other accreditations are required .


Give me an example.

You are a civil earthworks sub-contractor company employing 40 to 60 staff. You have workers on 5 different projects encompassing 5 different Tier 1 or Tier 2 principle contractors. Each principle contractor requires their own unique inductions, accreditations, training course, medicals etc. As you gather each of your workers inductions you record it in Smartworker.Cloud and with the click of one button all this required mandatory information is sent to the principle contractor seamlessly.   No more spending days on end cutting and sending each individual files from your desk top.


I fill out about 6 different induction and compliance requests yet all asking for the same information.

With Smartworker.cloud you have all that information and because we can synchronise into each company’s compliance requirement you only need to press Send. No spending hours cutting, pasting, uploading, and synchronising and waiting for slow systems to your response.


Can I access and manage my own workers compliance.

Yes that’s the whole idea of Smartworker. It’s for your business. All the information you supply to the contractors is easily maintained in your own cloud based system, giving you and your selected managers 24/7 access to this vital information. This information can be accessed and sent at any time and you don’t have to race back to the office and re send. In most cases, your very own system is often more up to date than the contractor you are working for. Experience has shown that Smartworker.cloud record keeping of inductions and accreditations is more accurate and up to date than the head contractors.


What happens when one of my workers leaves my company and all this information is lost?

That’s one of the strengths of Smartworker.cloud. The vital information of all those training, courses, accreditations, inductions, licences, medicals is all retained and can be transferred by the press of a button to a new company or retained by the worker themselves.


So if a worker arrives at my company and he is already on Smartworker.cloud he already has this information. Is that right?

Yes, it simply transfers/updates onto your own system without doing all the hours/days of chasing down accreditation, certificates, lost information. No waiting until things arrive. You already have it.


This will save me days, if not weeks, of data input and chasing up workers lost information. What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Smartworker.cloud will cost your company $60.00 per year per worker.


What happens when a worker leaves, I don’t want to pay for them.

The worker can take up the option of maintaining his file by paying the $60.00 per year. We will give those workers 28 days grace period from your contract to transfer to a new company in that time. They can then take up the option of paying for it themselves. It will be within their interest to maintain it, as when applying for a new position, by producing Smartworker.cloud they have already saved the company about 4 hours work initially chasing down their files.


So the record stays with the worker forever?

Yes, as it is a Cloud based system the information can be retained by the worker and transferred to and from companies and to the principle contractor. This takes out the necessity to go through all that tedious setting up, and file searching and lost information.


How can I get Smartworker into my company?

Simply complete the contact us details for an onsite demonstration or a phone conversation.


How do I pay for Smartworker?

We set up a direct debit payment system and monthly payment is calculated by the number of workers you have on the system. Regardless of how many transfers or uploads you make.

So that works out at $5.00 per month per worker, 30 workers x $5.00 = $150 per month.